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Monday, 20 March 2017

Back To Mine 2017 Series - 'Back to Brixton' (Circa 1997-2000)

For my ‘Back To Mine’ mixtape, rather than a general all-round look at those tracks that have influenced me, I have chosen to focus on a particular era.
A period in my life when I was flat sharing with some friends in SW2 (Brixton) in London. From 1997-2000, most weekends we would be out, whether it was Mass, The Dogstar, Brixton Academy, or our local pub ‘The Hobgoblin’ AKA ‘The George Canning’, most weekends would get extended into our infamous "Impromptu Bank Holiday" sessions at 33 Greenleaf Close….

“…. It’s sometime in the middle of the night, we’ve survived the drunken, messy walk home, stopping off at the local Chicken/Kebab shop for that necessary post beer nourishment. We ascend the building staircase (full of the aroma of skunk – lingering from earlier when kids on the estate had been smoking). Tinny’s are cracked open and rizzas’s are rolled… people arrive at the flat from their evening escapades….. time to put some tunes on to take us through till sunrise…….”
1) Air – Talisman (1998) Instantly recognisable, from the French duo whose album Moon Safari could he heard everywhere at the time, whether it was in clubs, pubs, or even TV adverts. The album was a go to album during our impromptu flat sessions or Sunday come-downs.
2) Attica Blues – Contemplating Jazz (1994) Classic Mo Wax which fitted in perfectly with the downtempo scene at the time. Released on the wonderfully named “Vibes, Scribes 'N' Dusty 45's E.P.”.
3) Pressure Drop – Writing On The Wall (1997) As featured on the bands 4th album “Elusive” and released on Leftfield’s owned record label ‘Hard Hands’. This track nailed the sound that would resonate through the streets of night-time Brixton….. hard beats, sub base frequencies, soaring vocals and that wonderful saxophone by Scott Garland….. makes total sense that it would be released on Leftfield’s imprint.
4) Massive Attack – Man Next Door (1998) Mezzanine, Massive Attacks third studio album had a lot to live up to, following on from Blue Lines and Protection. Just like Pressure Drop, Massive Attack presented to the listener a darker, edgier sound balanced with soaring vocals by Elizabeth Fraser and Horace Andy – the album became a firm favourite of mine. Oh that bassline…… how it use to shake the windows.
5) Red Snapper – Image Of You (1998) More rumbling basslines coupled with an amazing vocal by the extremely talented Alison David. Red Snapper’s second LP ‘Making Bones’ released on Warp Records went on to cement their reputation as an outfit that championed those trip-hop beats featuring superb turns by Alison David and MC Det. Love this haunting track.
6) Saint Etienne – Carnt Sleep (1991) Classic …… nuff said.
7) Rae & Christian – The Hush (1998) I could have picked any of the tracks from their first album, such was the quality of ‘Northern Sulphuric Soul’. Released on Mark Rae’s self-owned label Grand Central Records….. The album featured guests spots from the Jungle Brothers, Jeru The Damaja, Veba, YZ and for this track Sharleen Spiteri from ‘Texas’, who is not an artist I would usually listen to. However, Rae & Christian get the most out of Sharleen’s vocal range and marry it to some amazing production. Go seek the album….. it’s a certified classic.
8) Talvin Singh featuring Leone – Distant God (1997) Around about this time Talvin Singh was taking club culture by the horns and introducing a different slant on downtempo, drum & Bass and jungle. Along with his first album ‘OK’ which won the Mercury Music Prize, the compilation ‘Talvin Singh Presents Anokha: Soundz Of The Asian Underground’ matched traditional Indian instruments with the contemporary breakbeat drum n' bass science of the day. However, it is the slower track ‘Distant God’ with its slower tempo, authentic tabla playing and glorious vocals from Leone aka Wendy Page that still gives me goose bumps to this day.
9) Frances Ashman – Pandora (Full Version) (1998) This release was a hard one to track down. First heard in Gary Oldman directorial debut ‘Nil By Mouth’ it haunted me for months – this was before the days of Discogs or Shazzam. So off I went to ‘Red Records’ in Brixton, with a name and title scribbled down from checking the end credits of the film only to find no official OST had been released. However there was a CD single released on Super Villain Wreckuds, ‎a year after the films theatrical release. So after what seemed like an age…. I got a phone call from Red Records to say they had my order in. From then it became a staple selection for those messy post-pub sessions.
10) Roots Manuva – Juggle Tings Proper (1999) My local viny imporium ‘Red Records’ pops up again with this track. Whilst digging one day in said shop, I came across the album ‘Brand New Second Hand’ which was being promo’d on the ‘Just In’ stand, and being blasted out of the shops speakers on the high street….. What was this ? Hip-Hop that wasn’t afraid to show its UK colours….. not trying to imitate a US sound but instead presenting a Jamican/Sound system flavour with a very recognisable South London twang. This was Rodney Hylton Smith aka Roots Manuva… a local lad from just up the road in Stockwell SW2. Instant buy and instantly and repeatedly played. Roots went on to release over 7 albums and collaborate on many more, however its his first album and this track that takes me back to that hot sunny day in Brixton when me and Rodney met… well in my head anyway……
11) Kid Loco – Love Me Sweet (1997) Jean-Yves Prieur aka Kid Loco released a number of albums and singles on DJ Yellow & Bob Sinclairs eclectic independent ‘Yellow Productions’ label. Often grouped alongside Air at the time, Kid Loco pushed his trip-hop beats and cinematic vibes, and his album that features this track….. ‘A Grand Love Story’ was a real favourite back then.
12) Gomez – Get Miles (1998) Gomez are one of those bands that myself and my now-wife got to see many times at Brixton Academy (Our local venue at the time). I’m not sure where I heard them first, but their first two albums were consistently played at Greenleaf Close for all occasions. ‘Get Miles’ is the opening track from their Mercury Prize winning album…1998 ‘Bring It On’. Get Miles always struck a chord with me, whether it was the dubbed out production or the lyrics…. “I love this city man, but this city's killing me…. Sitting here in all this noise man, I don't get no peace”…. Love it.
13) Money Mark – Push The Button (1998) Heralding from an album of the same name, Push The Button perfectly represents that eclectic sound from the former Beasties Boys collaborator, which included elements of rock music, pop, soul and funk ….. all loosely presented within the framework of hip-hop. Love it…..
14) The Herbaliser – Who’s The Realest? (1999) A powerful instrumental funk classic from their third album on Ninja Tune Records…. ‘Very Mercenary’, that you can’t but help nod your head too ! #NeckSnappin
15) Dave Clarke – Splendour (1995) This is one of those album tracks that completely surprises you when expecting a particular genre (which has always appealed to me). So we have a British Techno DJ hailing from Brighton who made his name producing bangin’ Hardcore in the early 90’s and then creating some classic techno, particularly the ‘Red Series’, which weret compiled onto the album ‘Archive One’.. from which this heavy instrumental breakbeat monster is taken from…… “Watch ya bassbins !!!”
16) Nightmares On Wax – (Man) The Journey (1995) No mixtape from this particular era would feel right in my opinion, if it didn’t include a track from Nightmares On Wax (NOW). As one of first artists to be released on the infamous Leeds label – WARP, NOW had been producing since the early 90’s and with his second album ‘Smokers Delight’ found himself a stalwart of every ‘smokers’ collection. There’s many tracks of the album that would have slotted right in for this mixtape, but I had to go with ‘(Man) Tha Journey’ which samples one my all-time favourite electro records…. Newcleus's "Jam on Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song)".
17) Breakestra – Getcho Soul Together (Part 1) (1999) A change in vibe, but just as relevant to my musical loves during this era. Always a sample spotter, crate digger and amateur ‘breaks’ historian, I loved collecting funk and soul, and Breakestra were part of the new scene in Los Angeles, California which were playing live covers of tracks which featured breaks that had been sampled by hip-hop culture. Rather than a cover though, ‘Getcho Soul Together’ was an original funk piece, released on the mighty Stones Throw Records, and what an authentic example it was, of what this band was capable of…… You’ll need your sunglasses for this one ?
18) Beastie Boys – Sabrossa (1995) I have to thank my good friend and flatmate at the time Paul who turned me on to the album from which this track is from. He had bought the album ‘The In Sound from Way Out!’ for an extortionate amount at the time – but boy was it worth it. A compilation of classic Beastie Boys tracks, but presented in instrumental form, all written and played by the Beasties and Mark Ramos Nishita aka Money Mark. Recommended – go seek it out, it’s a lot cheaper on discogs these days !!!
19) DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 3) (1994) Although originally released earlier in 1994, it was the 1998 compilation ‘Preemptive Strike’ which features DJ Shadow releases over the period 1991-1997 on the mighty Mo-Wax Recordings, that got rinsed during this era, and this track was a prime example of DJ’s Shadow ability to make neck snapping beats coupled with widescreen cinematic atmospherics….. classic.
20) Shantel – Tell Me Why Is It Oh So Hard To Be Oh So Lovely (1998) Around this time I was listening to a lot of electronica coming out of Germany, Austria and France and K7 Records was one of those go to labels at the time (and still are). Shantel aka Stefan Hantel released his third album ‘Higher Than The Funk’ on K7 and featured this funky piece of breakbeat electronica with some crazy lyrics about eating chocolate…. Mad, but I love it…. “Oh So Lovely”
21) Roni Size - Heroes (Kruder's Long Loose Bossa Remix) (1998) I had to include a track off a compilation that I have always come back to again and again. Also released on Berlin’s K7 Records this collection from Kruder & Dorfmeister, often generated reviews such as, faultless, classic, legendary. K&D had the remix locked down during this period and sprinkled their magic on many different artists. I’ve gone with their Bossa remix of Roni Size’s ‘Heroes’…. Truly wonderful.
22) Breakbeat Era – Breakbeat Era (1998) Continuing with Roni Size, I’ll increase the BPMS with some Breakbeat Era - a Bristol collaboration between Roni Size, DJ Die and featuring the vocals of Leonie Laws. This was the lead single from their one and only album ‘Ulta-Obscene’ and was able to bridge those two musical camps, downtempo and drum & bass. Just love that double-bass and those crisp beats….
23) Kid Loops – Microphone Fiend (KL Update) (1998) This was one of those tracks that when we played back at the flat, people would always be asking “Who’s this ?”. Of course a cover of Eric B & Rakim’s classic ‘Microphone Fiend’ flipped into a grimy atmospheric drum and bass stylee….
24) Nuyorican Soul featuring Jocelyn Brown - It's Alright, I Feel It! (M.A.W. 12" Mix) (1997) There’s not much I can say about MAW that hasn’t already been said…. Just that on a personal level, the Nuyorican Soul album and pretty much everything Masters At Work touched…. I loved, I bought and I played. This track especially Jocelyn Brown’s lyrics says it all…… “Music in my life has kept me true, All of the changes the world would put me through… (It’s alright, I feel it).
25) Velvet Underground – Sunday Morning (1966) I finish my ‘Back To Mine’ selection with a track that was 50 years old last week.... that if the party had continued through the night and you woke tthe following Sunday morning, slumped where you crashed…… this would be playing – ‘The Velvet Underground & Nico’
Thanks for listening. Jon x

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Dreams Of Acid (Jan '17)

"I Love the sound of a 303 in the morning....awake from those Dreams Of Acid".......

Featuriing some brand new, some new, some old and some classic 303 action. Enjoy.


Quarion - Knocking At The Door Of The Cosmos (Tmx 005 - Tamed Musiq)
Luke Vibert - Manval (ILA 012 - Balkan Vinyl)
Lost Scripts - S.O.P. (HVNed04 - Hivern Discs)
Slim Steve - Machine Workout (CDH003 - La Chinerie)
Roche - Lost for All I See (MATH 092 - Mathematics US)
Adam Feingold - Inner Zone (APRON 26 - Apron Records)
Joy Orbison & Boddika - Severed Seven (SUNKLOFYV - Sunklo)
Strahinja Arbutina - Podmukli Acid (Bnk-009 - BANK Records NYC)
MD III - Acid Mayhem (C#JFD30 - Clone Jack For Daze)
Tyree Cooper - Acid Number Two (AAT014 - Jack Trax Records)
Paranoid London - Give Me The (PLW-001 - Paranoid London)
Unknown - A1 (Bnk-010 - BANK Records NYC)
Cardopusher - Phase 1 (SRTX011 - Super Rhythm Trax)
Paul Woolford - Holy Ghost (Original Mix) (AUS107 - Aus Music)
Consequence - State of Consciousness (AAT014 - Jack Trax Records)
Lost Trax - Flatliner (SHIP038 -Shipwrec)
Jammin' The House Gerald - Get The Ho' 94 (DM063 - Dance Mania)
Jerome Hill - Its Time For The (SRTX013 - Super Rhythm Trax)
Trevino - Casino (Trev' dub) (AUS101 - Aus Music)
Mike Ash - Return To Acid (SRTX001 - Super Rhythm Trax)
DJ Bong Gozling - Parisian Vacancy (NATURAL006 - Natural Sciences)
Ben Pest - Werd Clock (ILA 011 - Balkan Vinyl

Imagining the After Party following The Doors first concert of five at The Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California (1967)

What an amazing concept to take a notable music event or gig from past, present of future and imagine you've been tasked with providing the music for the after party.
Massive thank you to Mark Gardner for inviting me to contribute to this superb series.
"*My after party is going to take you back to the psychedelic year of 1967, a year of significant cultural and social change, a year that would be labelled 'The Summer Of Love'. Nearly 50 years to the day, starting on the 6th Januray 1967 The Doors play five weekends at the infamous Fillmore Auditorium in San Fransisco, CA.
“The night was scheduled from 9pm -2am and for this particular night, the line-up included The Young Rascals and Sopwith Camel.
Following on from the nights electric appearance of The Doors, the after party curated by my goodself, played the best in Pagen Blues, Jazz and Psychedelic Rock & Folk, and featured a collection of artists/songs that shaped and influenced The Doors..... and maybe even a guest appearance from The Doors themselves*.”

The Doors - Thank You And Good Night
John Coltrane - Alabama
Frank Sinatra - Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Janis Joplin - Summertime
Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee (Alternative)
John Lee Hooker - Crawlin' King Snake
The Flying Burrito Brothers - Hippie Boy
Robert Johnson - Me And The Devil Blues
Howlin' Wolf - Red Rooster
Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill
The Viscounts - Harlem Nocturne
Miles Davis - Flamenco Sketches
Big Mama Thornton - Hound Dog
Chuck Berry - Carol
Them - Gloria
Arther ' Big Boy' Crudup - Rock Me Mama
Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends
Muddy Waters - I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Bob Dylan - Ballad of a Thin Man
Big Joe Williams - Baby Please Don't Go
Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth
Joan Baez - Joe Hill
The Band - The Weight
Lead Belly - House Of The Rising Sun
Crosby, Stills and Nash - 49 Bye-Byes
The Mamas And The Papas - Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)
Canned Heat - Going Up The Country
Chico Hamilton - El Toro
The Rolling Stones - The Last Time
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Gypsy Eyes
Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers -Sportin' Crowd
The Kingsmen - Louie Louie
Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
The Doors - Hyacinth House
(Run Time: 2 Hr 4 Mins 16 Secs)
You can check all things for Imagine' The After Party' here facebook.com/groups/162259497305
To catch up on everything to do with this season (and links to a hell of a lot more) autumnwintersessions2016.weebl...des--mixes.html

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

DJ Dose presents DÉJÀ VU – FREE AT LAST

Tracklisting ID's Required

DJ Dose presents DÉJÀ VU – FREE AT LAST

This mixtape has been with me since it was obtained in and around 1990.... a permanant feature in the cars that we would use to drive from rave to rave during the early 90's. Ever since having it I have been obbessesed with IDing all the tunes on it Although I have a wide range of knowledge of the tunes of that era - there are still a few on this mixtape that I do not have. If there is anyone who can ID the remaining few, please help a fellow nerd out - its driving me crazy !!!!

Side A

Baby D - Casanova (Original Raising Hell Remix)
The Octagon Man – The Demented Spirit (Spiritos Demento)
GTO – Pure (Pure Energy)
Ragga Twins – Hooligan 69
Dynamix  II – Don’t Touch That Dial (Instrumental)

Side B

Mr. Monday – Future
LFO – L.F.O. (The Leeds Warehouse Mix)
House Of Venus – Dish Queen
Dirty Mind – The Killer (Killer Mix)
Meat Beat Manifesto – Helter Skelter
The Adored – Ambience
Derrek May – Salsa Life
LFO – Track 4

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Beat Konducting With Madlib (Mixed By Original Gidman)

Beat Konducting With Madlib (Mixed By Original Gidman)

Beat Konducting With Madlib' 

For me Otis Jackson Jr. aka Madlib aka The Beat Konducta is one of the most prolific artists, writers, musician and producers working in the hip-hop world. With over 30 aliases, he has managed to create a signature vibe that is very recognisbale, no matter what genre he works in - Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, Latin/Brazilian or Broken Beat. 

In my humble opinion (and this may be controversal) he eclipses his good friend, the late great J Dilla., It's close, but his output is just that more varied... although I do believe that if Dilla hadn't passed, he would have possibly matched Madlib pound for pound.



Madlib - Public Disservice AnnouncementKazi and Madlib - A.V.E.R.A.G.E.Madlib - Track 12 (The Beats!)Tha Alkaholiks - Tore DownMadlib - Stakes (aka Supervillian Theme)Madlib - Track 58 (The Beats!)Lootpack - WhenimondamicDe La Soul - Come On Down (featuring Favor Flav)Madlib - Track 2 (Beat Tape 100-150)Madlib - Unknown BeatMadlib aka The Beat Konducta - Who's Smoking (Interlude)Quasimoto - GreeneryQuasimoto - BullyshitQuasimoto - Come On FeetMadlib aka The Beat Konducta - The ComebackMadvillain - Infinity (aka On & On solo from 1998)Strong Arm Steady - Life Feat. Skinhead RobSupreme Team (Madlib & Karriem Riggins) - Volta Por CimaMadvillain - Space Ho's Coast to CoastMadlib aka The Beat Konducta - The Payback (Gotta)Madlib - Take It BackMadlib - Unknown Beat (Another Beat CD)Madlib - Unknown Beat (Another Beat CD)Mos Def - Auditiorium Ft. Slick RickQuasimoto - BroadfactorPercee P - Thowback Rap AttackYesterdays New Quintet - Too HighSound Directions - One For J.J. (Johnson)MED - Can't Hold OnJaylib - The OfficialCaptain Murphy - Children of the AtomJ Dilla - Baby (Feat. Madlib & Guilty Simpson)Madlib - Slim's ReturnYesterdays New Quintet - Uno EstaJazzanova - L.O.V.E. And You & I (Madlib's Love Phase Mix)Madlib - Please Set Me At Ease - Feat. M.E.D. a.k.a. MedaphoarTy & Kory - Hey TyQuasimoto - Low Class ConspiracyMadlib - Detroit Playaz (Gator Walk)Erykah Badu - The HealerTalib Kweli & Madlib - The ShowMadlib - Streetsweeper (Instrumental)Mos Def - Roses Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

"Diggin In Lisboa - Sounds Of Cape Verde" Mixed By Original Gidman

This mix is made up of vinyl that I bought, whilst in Lisbon, Portugal in the summer of 2016. In particular, a wonderful record shop called Louie Louie ran by its very helpful owner George. I went diggin in this particular shop, as I had heard that it had a great second-hand 'Cape Verde/African' section, which was exactly what I had been interested in seeking out.
George the owner, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and pointed me in the right direction. He even (after a bit of verbal arm twisting from myself) went into the back of his shop and pulled out some un-yet 'priced-up' LP's - which I managed to convince him to sell to me.... all in all it was a very successful days "Diggin in Lisboa"
Address.... Louie Louie, Escadinhas do Santo Espírito da Pedreira, 1100-182 Lisboa, Portugal

Son Of Cap - Midi Boj Posse (FND)
Maninho Ma Voz Di Sanicolau - Morte Ingrote (Arsom Records)
Luis Morais E O Seu Conjunto - Broadway (La Do Si Discos)
José Mucavele - Viagem Ritual (EMI)
Maninho Ma Voz Di Sanicolau - Boca Arbera (Arsom Records)
Sun Of Cap - Ma K'Ze K'Bo K'Re (FND)
Sérgio Gomes & Tulipa Negra - S´Pia Pa Frente (Arsom Records)
Jacinto Tchipa - Olombandi Vitimahã (Endipu)
Luis Morais E O Seu Conjunto - Dexia o Mundo (La Do Si Discos)
Manuel de Novas - Vra Tchif (Morabeza Records)
Armindo Pires - Samba Antigo (Arsom Records)
Sérgio Gomes & Tulipa Negra - Casa Velhinha (Arsom Records)
José Mucavele - Ndlala (EMI)
Popular - Pomba (Morabeza Records)
Djô Acompanhamento Afrika Star - Verdade De Cabral (La Do Si Discos)
Armindo Pires - Adrece (Arsom Records)
Maninho Ma Voz Di Sanicolau - Nha Antónia Engracia Popular (Arsom Records)
Jacinto Tchipa - Olwali Hunene (Endipu)
Sun Of Cap - Intoducao (FND)
Gregorio Goncalves - Nutidinha (Morabeza Records)
Armindo Pires - Boro De Amelia De Melo (Arsom Records)
Djô Acompanhamento Afrika Star - Only A Fool (La Do Si Discos)

Ardcore '92

A collection of some of my favourite tracks from late '91 into '92
Mixed by Original Gidman
DJ Exodus & Woody – Feel The Vibe
Static Substance – Ghetto People
DJ Harry & Point Blank – Cape Fear (Original Mix)
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Bust That Groove
Lewi Cifer – Heat
Smith Inc. – Music Life
Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub Base Field Mix)
Smokey Joe – Wha’Dat (Gimmie My Gun)
Tek 9 featuirng Paul MG – Rude Bwoy Run Tings
“X” Cert – Strike A Dub
Citadel Of Kaos – E-Z Man
The Moog – Jungle Muffin (Original Mix)
S.L.M. - Nice & Slow
A Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Bad Bwoy
DJ Nex – When I Come , I Come Ruff
Kaotic Chemistry – L.S.D.
3 Theives & A Liar – In The House
Aurora – Voice Of Budda
Timelapse – Sued For A Sample
Austin – Unity In Dub (Stop-Go Mix)
Bass Selective - Blow Out (Part 2)
Darkman – String Of Darkness
Foul Play – Finest Illusion
The Anthill Mob – Black Rushin
Nookie – Shining In Darkness
Darkman – Darkman
Bass Ballistics – Dark In The Jungle
4 Hero – Journey From The Light
Ruffige Crew – Menace
The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly – Hardcore Raggamuffin
DJ Dexter and Rub A Dub – Death Cry
Satin Storm – Think I’m Going Out Of My Head
Manix - Hardcore Jungalism (Isms And Scisms)
Andy C – Visions
Doc Scott – NHS (Disco Remix)

Original Gidman – Beat Freaks Mix Vol.3

This is the third volume in the Beat Freaks Mix series.

For this mix I went back to a time when Hip-Hop was fresh, original and constantly developing.... From the late 80's to the early 90's, Oldschool Hip-Hop included influences from Electro, Funk, Soul, Rock.. in fact all genres were rich picking for the talented producers of the time.... so here's my homage to a time when Nike-Windrunners, Fat-Laces & Shell-toes, and a portable boom-box were necessary fashion accessories to the B-Boy and B-Girls of the time....
Ice T – Intro
Just Ice - Going Way Back
Too $hort – Life Is Too Short
Joeski Love - Pee Wee’s Dance
Eric B & Rakim - Move The Crowd (The Wild Bunch Remix)
BDP – My Philosophy
Beeds On A String
Young MC – I Come Off (Southern Comfort Mix)
Spoonie Gee – This The Place To Be
DST – Home Of Hip Hop
3rd Bass – Product of the Environment
Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Do The James
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - This Is Where You Got It From
Word Of Mouth & DJ Cheese – Coast to Coast
Mixmaster Spade & Toddy Tee - Gangster Boogie
Stetsasonic – Just Say Stet
NWA – If It Ain't Ruff
K9 Posse - This Beat Is Military (Hard Corps Version)
Mixmaster Gee and The Turntable Orchestra - The Manipulator (Extended Version)
The Russell Brothers – The Party Scene
The 2 Live Crew - What I Like
EPMD - I'm Housin' (UK Mix)
MC Duke - I'm Riffin

'Seasonal Excursions' By Original Gidman

This set is made up from my contrbutions to the 'Chilled' seasonal mixtape series. This mixtape series used the seasons as a jump off point, for a group of selectors to create mixtapes that are inspired and reflect those seasonal values through personal interpretation.I thought i'd compile them altogether, in seasonal order this time, providing an excursion through the seasons.
Massive thanks to everyone involved, In particular, Andy, Mark, George and Matthew, and all my fellow seasonal selectors.
Hope you enjoy..
Chilled Sprng Mix
Chilled Summer Mix
Autumn Chilled Mix
Winter Chilled Mix

Friday, 12 February 2016

Deviation J Dilla Tribute Mix

Benji B: Deviation J Dilla Tribute Mix (2006)

This is one of the best tribute to shows to the late great Jay Dee aka J.Dilla i've ever heard. First broadcast 10 years a go, on the 16th February 2006, days after Dilla passed away, by Benji B on his Deviation Radio show on BBC 1Xtra.

Apparently, Benji heard the news of his passing while out in Japan, got on the plane home.. went direct to his home.... pulled out all his Dilla vinyl and infamous beat CD's .... went straight to the BBC studios to do his weekly radio show, and put this mix down live and from the heart.....

Track listing:

Jay Dee | Ruff Draft Intro (Mummy Records)
Jay Dee | F**k Tha Police (Up Above)
Phat Kat | Don’t Nobody Care About us Instrumental (House Shoes Recordings)
Jay Dee | The $ (Mummy Records)
Slum Village | 2U4U (Barak)
Slum Village | What Love Is (Barak)
Slum Village | What Love Is Remix (Barak)
A Tribe Called Quest | That S**t (Loud Records)
Slum Village | Fantastic Intro (Capitol)
Jay Dee | Trashy (Bling 47)
A Tribe Called Quest | Get A Hold (Jive)
De La Soul | Stakes Is High (Tommy Boy)
Pharcyde | Running (Delicious)
Busta Rhymes | Woohah (Jay Dee Bounce Remix) (Elektra)
Busta Rhymes | Woohah (Jay Dee Other Ish Remix) (Elektra)
Master Ace | Sitting On Chrome (Jay Dee Remix) (White)
Pharcyde | Drop Instrumental (Delicious Vinyl)
Janet Jackson ft Q Tip | You Got Til It’s Gone (Virgin)
Jay Dee | L.L. (Bling 47)
Slum Village | Yes Y’all Part 1 (Barak)
Slum Village | Yes Y’all Part 2 (Barak)
Jay Dee | Vibeout (Bling 47)
Slum Village | Fall In Love (Barak)
Slum Village | Fall In Love Remix (Worldplay)
Slum Village ft D’Angelo | Tell Me (Capitol)
Slum Village |Players (Capitol)
Slum Village | Get This Money (Capitol)
Dwele | Angel (Jay Dee Remix) (Dubplate)
Que D ft Jay Dee | Supa S**t (Fat Beats)
Phife Dawg | Bendover (Groove Attack)
Q Tip | The Ride (Arista)
Busta Rhymes | Show Me What You Got (J Records)
The Roots | Dynamite (Geffen)
Common | Soul Power (MCA)
Jay Dee | Pause Instrumental (BBE)
Jay Dee | Beej-N-Dem (BBE)
Jay Dee ft Dwele | Think Twice (BBE)
Erykah Badu | Didn’t Cha Know (Motown)
D’Angelo | Me & Those Dreaming Eyes (Jay Dee Remix) (Dubplate)
Bilal ft Mos Def & Common | Reminisce (Interscope)
Spacek | Eve (Jay D ft Frank N Dank Remix) ( Island Blue)
Jay Dee | Track 26 (Do You Beats) (CDR)
J Dilla | Track 21 (Beat CD ‘05 No 3) (CDR)
J Dilla | Electronic Hum (CDR)
MED – Push (Stones Throw)
Jaylib | The Heist (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Lightworks (Stones Throw)
J Dilla | Workin On It (Stones Throw)

Monday, 28 September 2015

I've moved over to Hearthis for a platform for my online mixes and radio shows....

Bass Cavity

The Full Spectrum

Rhythm and Voices

Come follow me.....

Monday, 10 August 2015

Rhythm & Voices Vol.2

Original Gidman's Rhythm & Voices Vol.2
Another collection of tracks that i've pulled from the racks, that i've listened to over the years. No fancy mixing, just blended together. Its all here, Funk, Soul and Disco.... Dedicated to those DJ's that continue to inspire me. Big up GP & PF.

Download Available - HERE

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Rhythm & Voices Vol.1

Original Gidman's Rhythm & Voices Vol.1
A collection of tracks that i've pulled from the racks, that i've listened to over the years. No fancy mixing, just blended together. Its all here, Jazz, Soul, Disco, Brazilian, Spoken Word.... Dedicated to those DJ's that continue to inspire me. Big up GP & PF.
No Tracklist on this one.....
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Saturday, 6 June 2015

My Latest Volume for #DuskDubs - DD0230

This week, we hand over the controls for a 'Bass Weight' Special. And there's no one better than our very own Original Gidman. Over the course of the last 2 years, Gids has been at the very forefront of Dusk Dubs, nothing gets past him, and has affectionately become to be known as the Oracle. He lives and breathes this stuff. His tastes are widespread, but this particular bass weight arena is one that we all love. It's difficult to sum up what Gids means to the team, to the Dusk Dubs ethos in general and even further afield. Just from what you see on face value surpasses anything we could ever ask for, but behind the scenes, he is a grafter, a mentor, a walking encylopedea of sound, and a constant steady noise for the rest of us when all hell breaks loose. Top man, and top selections as always, we proudly present, our own Original Gidman.

Here are some words from the man himself....

It’s great to be back, and there’s nothing I like more than digging through my vinyl vaults inspired by a producer, a label, a vibe, a movement and this time is no exception. Taking my lead from the phrase which would appear on the infamous club ‘DMZ’ flyers – “come meditate on bass weight”, which you would see plastered to lamp posts and advertising boards throughout South London in 2005 and beyond. At this time DMZ were considered to be one of the most influential “Dubstep” nights along with FWD – Yep that’s right I used that commonly derided term ‘Dubstep’…. but PLEASE, don’t be put off.

For me, out of this ‘Dubstep’ scene came the most refreshing, experimental and emotionally charged bass heavy rhythms, coupled with neck snapping beats I had heard in a long time, and it is this ‘Bass-Weighted’ influence that I am representing today – beats that hit you like a meditative metronome.

Of course this is no way an attempt to provide some kind of comprehensive list, but to offer my own personal favourites from that period that have maintained their impact throughout the last ten years, along with a few earlier selections that influenced that vibe. To attempt to represent through the Dusk Dubs looking glass, the different vibes and styles which grew and developed, and to re-address the idea that “Dubstep” was simply spotty young kids from South London creating disposable  ‘wobble bass’ or ‘WUB’ as some would say……

Welcome to my world of ‘Dusk Dubs Bass Weight’…. (N.B. If you can, please listen on a decent set of headphones or with a good amp and sub -  it’s essential)


1) Jah Shaka – Verse 1 – Produced by Jah Shaka aka The Zulu Warrior, this track is taken from the  1982 ‘Commandments Of Dub’ LP, the first  of a series of ten (highly recommended) all released under his own label Jah Shaka Music. Sample spotters will recognise the classic ‘quack/squeek’ sound at the beginning of the track which has been sample by classic jungle riddims such as XLR8 - Dub Plate (Simply Rolling) (1993), Good, 2Bad & Hugly - Got To Release. (1993) Renegade – Terrorist (1994) and numerous Congo Natty / X Project tunes.

2) Scientist – Seconds Away – Featured on his classic 1980 ‘Heavyweight Dub Champion’ album on Greensleeves. Produced at Channel One Recording Studio and mixed a King Tubby's Studio…. the dub heritage is clearly on show and one can almost physically feel those trademark Scientist "into-oblivion" echo effects as the protégé of King Tubby takes Barrington Levy vocals from ‘Many Changes in Life’ and drops them through his echo chamber, backed by the amazing riddims of his studio players, the Roots Radics Band.

3) Tippa Irie – Meaning Of Dub – This explanation of Dub can be found on the ‘Meaning Of Dub’ compilation on Stones Throw Records which was released last year. Produced by the Dub Club aka Tom Chasteen – the legendary Los Angeles club promotor and producer, and featuring  the UK’s own, Brixton born Tippa Irie, the lyrics offer up an explanation of Dub and why we love it…. As Tippa sings in a call & response fashion … “What do we love… that sweet reggae music called dub”.

4) King Tubby – King Tubby The Ruler – Taken from the infamous ‘King Tubby's Studio Vs Channel One In Dub’ which was produced in the 1970’s (exact date unknown). The album was produced by Bunny Lee and mixed by King Tubby, Scientist and Crucial Bunny. The track takes Clarence Reid’s
1969  classic ‘Nobody but You Babe’ and gives it the Tubby treatment, twisting it through his 12-channel, custom-built MCI mixing desk. EQing it with his own custom built parametric EQ … known locally as the "big knob" – this dial would allow Tubby to introduce a dramatic narrowing sweep of any signal, such as the horns etc, until the sound disappeared into a thin squeal……. Classic.

5) Smith & Mighty – Brain Scan – Unbelievably, first released back in 1985 on demo by Rob Smith, together with writing/production partners Ray Mighty and Peter D Rose and later released by the Japanese label Angel's Egg records in 2003, this amazing Bristol production has all the elements, hip hop, dub reggae all twisted through there industrial echo chamber, particularly reminiscent of the programming you would later hear in rave and jungle productions of the early nineties. What I love about this track is that bouncing bass tone, some say reminiscent or influenced by the electro era, which contributes to that twisting rhythm and vibe which I believe to be a major influence in the bass weight ethos…in fact the connection comes full circle, as Rob Smith would later produce for seminal dubstep labels such as Bristol’s Punch Drunk and Tectonic labels between 2007 and 2009.

6) Koncrete Roots – Warehouse Dub – Taken from the 2014 self-released album ‘Dub ina Midlands’ by one man outfit Koncrete Roots aka Thomas Kenney from Leicestershire, England. His style has been described as a deeply rooted dub sound with a modern day steppa twist and this is clearly apparent in ‘Warehouse Dub’ . Its opens with a sample explaining the multi-cultural nature of reggae/dub, a steppers rhythm breaks out  including echoed vocals, a skanky breakdown, followed by a mutated Sleng Teng riddim. This is a clear example of how dubstep has developed and incorporated dub/reggae in a contemporary UK way and so continues to do so…..

7) Rhythm & Sound featuring Tikiman – What A Mistry– Released in 1997 on Basic Channel’s sub label Burial Mix Records by the legendary Rhythm & Sound outfit aka Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald. It is in no doubt how influential and ahead of the game the Basic Channel sound was including the run of 10 inches via Burial Mix which emphasized the dub-reggae aesthetic within a techno framework. This sound would certainly go on to influence the deeper side of dubstep and parallels can be drawn, particularly from later labels such as Mala’s Deep Medi Musik.

8) Quest – Smooth Skin – It is a Deep Medi Musik release we go to next. Released in 2010 from Antisocial collective member Quest aka Darren Henry. This track at the time was a change in BPM for Mala’s imprint, instead of the usual 140bpm ‘Smooth Skin’ was a slower 94bpm bathed in glorious synth washes over constantly shuffling percussion….. followed by a weighty dose of sub-bass about half way through…. Love this.

9) Jack Sparrow – Good Old Days – Hailing from Leeds in the UK, Ryan Gath aka Jack Sparrow also released this on Mala’s Deep Medi Musik. imprint in 2012. Involved in the dubstep scene since 2006 with releases on labels such as Contagious, Earwax and Tectonic, he moves away from his usual darker, heavier soundsystem productions and instead creates a more laidback, meditative and blissful vibe for  ‘Good Old Days’.  Samples of oldschool jazz float blissfully over a classic “Bass Weight” riddim – one for the smokers….

10) LV – CCTV (Featuring Dandelion) – Released on Kode9’s immensely successful Hyperdub label back in 2008, featuring soundsystem vocalist Dandelion. LV combines the organic warmth of reggae and horns, with squelching analogue synths over a 2 step rhythm, all resulting in a rolling dread-filled paranoid atmosphere – Stunning…. Check the lyrics….

11) V.I.V.E.K. – Feel It – One of my favourite producers from this era, V.I.V.E.K. aka Vivek Sharda out of London released this Double Pack 12” on Deep Medi Musik in 2010. As the sample throughout states, this track is all about ‘Frequencies’  …”Many soundsytem play very loud bass, but we would like to play very deep that people can still stand in front of the speaker… it doesn’t hurt… People do respond to that bottom frequency.” What follows is a ‘Bass Weight’ classic, with one of the most chest thumping sub sonic bass and infectious rolling Tablas combinations I’ve ever heard. Should come with a Government Bass Warning !!

12) Fat Freddys Drop – Cays Crays (Digital Mystikz Version) - As you might have guessed from my previous volumes, I’m a hug fan of Fat Freddys Drop aka the "Seven Headed Soul Monster". So back in October 2006 when the band released the ‘Dub Versions’ 12Inch, featuring remixes by Blood & Fire vs. Deep Sounds, Kalbata and of course this track, it was a buy on sight purchase and still is to this day. Remixed by Mala under his and Coki’s alias ‘Digital Mystikz’, this version was an anthem back in the day in all the best dubstep clubs and of course in particular at DMZ. With those soulful vocals by Joe Dukie, echoed and twisted  and combined with Mala’s additional melodica instrumentation, this version is pure vibes and is one of only a few dubstep tunes that offers the chance for a good ol’ sing-a-long…. Vibes !!

13) Pinch – Get Up feat Yolanda (LV Disco Remix) – Released on Pinch’s Bristol based Tectonic label back in 2009. This remix by LV can only be found on the CD release, and turns what was already an anthem into a stunning “bass-weight” stepper. Featuring the glorious vocal talents of Yolanda Quartey, LV seem to amplify every soulful ounce of the original…. very reminiscent of Grace Jones’ Compass Point productions by the legends Sly & Robbie…..

14) Silkie – Jazz Dub – Although released on a 12” Double Pack in 2013 on Deep Medi Musik, this track along with the other 5 productions were apparently rescued from Solomon Rose aka Silkie’s computer hard drive (The exact date of production never released) and for that, I’m very thankful.
As a member of the Anti Social Collective alongside Quest, Harry Craze, Razor Rekta , Jay 5ive and later on Mizz Beats , Silkie has consistently pushed at those boundaries of the dubstep genre. From the early days and his introduction to the club FWD around 2002, he has been instrumental in developing the then new infused electronica called ‘Forward Music’. Promoting the Anti Social mantra of pushing boundaries and experimentation, the track ‘Jazz Dub’ takes a standard jazz lick along side a 4/4 drum pattern and creates a weighty meditative fusion – a style of which like so many of my favourite dubstep productions foster… “less is definitely more”.

15) Grace Jones – Love You To Life (Mala /Digital Mystikz Remix) – Originally released as a very limited Record Store Day special back in 2010 on the Wall Of Sound label, it got repressed due to high demand. At the time it was Digital Mystikz first release in two years and what a release it was. Taking on the legend that is Grace Jones and putting her through the South London ‘DMZ’ echo chamber, Mala builds a skanking rhythm which rides a serious weighty bassline while adding elements, until around half way he drops the rhythm track to leave Jones’s glorious vocal on top of that bass…. “Calling All The Guards” – Watch ya subs on this one…..

16) Skream – Dutch Flowers – Released in October 2006, this b-side featured on Skream’s classic “Tapped/Dutch Flowers” 12” and was one of two releases that preceded his first long-player for Tempa Recordings – “Skream!”. Mastered at the legendary ‘Transition Mastering’ Studios in South East London, this ‘1 note’.. ska infused skank-out featuring a balearic guitar sample, lush Detroit synth pads, a sub bass to die for and of course those rousing reggae horns all make this in to a perfect summer stepper….

17) Loefah – Root – Finally, I end with one of the legends and bass pioneers of the “bass-weight” scene. Loefah along with Mala and Coki – not only run the DMZ club night but released classic 12’s from that period under the DMZ record label. Back in 2005, Root was DMZ’s 6th release and is a perfect example of Loefah’s experimentation with the darker side of bass science. Beginning with a classic sample of Sir Coxsone Dodd, the owner of Jamaica’s legendary Studio One, telling how he came up with the idea to release his own records, with additional samples of Alton Ellis stating “Not For Publication" and "Dubplate" ….. the track develops over neck-snapping beats until an earth shattering modulating bassline drops….. as one review at the time stated “Not to be listened too whilst operating heavy machinery!”…..